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Utility Patent Intake Form

Utility Patent Intake Form

The following Intake Form is designed to elicit, from the Submitter, information sufficient for Au LLC to: (i) perform a conflict check concerning Submitter and those on whose behalf Submitter is completing the form; and (ii) evaluate the Invention as submitter hereinafter describes.  Please answer the following questions as thoroughly and accurately as possible. Willful false statements are punishable by fine or imprisonment, or both, under 18 U.S.C. 1001 and that such willful false statements may jeopardize the validity of the application or any patent issued therefrom.

Intake Form
Title of the Invention:*
Number of Inventors:*

An Inventor is anyone who has contributed to the Invention, and all Inventors are are required to be named in the patent application.  An Inventor must be an individual, but an Inventor may assign a portion or all of his/her interest in the Invention to a non-inventor or a business entity.  Inventor address cannot be a P.O. Box.  

Inventor 1 Name:
Inventor 1 Address:*
Inventor 2 Name:
Inventor 2 Address:
Inventor 3 Name:
Inventor 3 Address:
Inventor 4 Name:
Inventor 4 Address:
If there are more than four (4) Inventors, please identify (at a minimum, name and email address) them here:
Please describe the circumstances surrounding any disclosure of the Invention to someone not involved in developing the Invention, including name of person to whom disclosure was made, the date of disclosure and the place of disclosure (if any):
Please state the earliest date that the Invention was: (1) described in a printed publication; (2) in public use; (3) on sale; or (4) otherwise available to the public (if any):
Please Identify the "problem" the Invention Solves:*
Please identify failings with current technology:*
Identify how other inventors attempted to solve the problem, and fallen short:*
Identify how your Invention solves the problem:*
Identify your objectives in creating the Invention:*
Identify the advantages the Invention has over other technologies:*
Identify how the Invention is different from previous attempts to solve the problem:*
Identify any failed efforts to solve the problem and how those failures helped you to arrive at the Invention:*
Identify all essential and required elements of the Invention:*
Identify any optional elements of the Invention and how they alter the Invention's performance:*
Identify how the Invention is made / practiced / implemented:*
Identify how the Invention is used / practiced:*
Please provide a detailed description of the invention. Illustrate and explain the invention's structure and operation in detail, including how to make and use the invention. Upload any sketches, prints, photographs, memos, copies of other pertinent development documents, etc. If there are multiple ways to provide the solutions, please describe how the varied embodiments may be made and used (10MB attachment size limit)*
Submitter Name:*
Submitter Email Address:*
By clicking Submit, Submitter agrees on his or her behalf or on behalf of the Inventor(s) or other parties in interest that no engagement with Au LLC has been completed and that no attorney-client relationship exists until: (i) Au LLC has completed a conflict of interest check; and (ii) Au LLC has executed an Engagement Letter with the proper parties in interest. *
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