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We provide progressive business formation, IP, IT, and commercial legal services within D.C., Illinois, Michigan, and technology communities.

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Business Formation Services

We assist clients with choosing appropriate corporate forms, establishing those entities, and properly operating them so that full liability limitations and tax benefits may be enjoyed.

Patent Services

We provide responsible invention evaluation and thorough patent prosecution with a focus on consumer products and web applications.

Trademark Services

Honest mark evaluation and broad state and federal clearance help to avoid rejections, oppositions, and litigation.

Copyright Services

We help clients establish and memorialize ownership of creative works to enhance their IP portfolios and facilitate protectable business activity.

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IT / Software

We draft website instruments, EULAs, privacy policies, and related software development agreements to enable clients to protectably participate in eCommerce.

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Business Transactions

Corporate documents, licenses, and service agreements, are just some of the contracts clients either need or encounter. We help clients navigate terns and conditions to help ensure parties' expectations are managed.

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Usually a last resort, disputes over rights and obligations (i.e., the failure to honor them) can lead to the courthouse. Whatever your involvement is, prompt and aggressive attention to the matter is essential.

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Progressive Fee Arrangements

As encouraged by various national and state bar associations, Au LLC embraces the concept of alternative fee arrangements.

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Reasonably-estimated flat fees

Monthly retainers based on estimated hourly demand

Generalized Billing Arrangement Distribution Among Clients
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Data Privacy

We assist startup and early-stage clients with navigating data security decision making and revising service agreements to help prevent unnecessary risk. Contact us if you have questions concerning data security compliance, contract obligations, or potential statutory violations.

Invasions of Privacy

We are litigators experienced not only with the nuances of state-based tort actions, but also with overlooked procedural vehicles by which one can obtain information necessary to identify perpetrators of disparaging and reputationally-damaging anonymous online activity.