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Navigating Utility Patent Prosecution

Embarking on the journey of securing a utility patent demands a strategic approach and seasoned guidance. As we delve into the intricacies of utility patent prosecution, envision a path where your innovative ideas transform into legally protected assets.

Skilled Support

With a legacy dating back to 2011, AU LLC stands as the epitome of sophistication and professionalism in the realm of business and intellectual property law. We bring over two decades of experience to the table, supported by a team of attorneys committed to excellence. Situated in the vibrant city of Chicago, we extend our reach nationwide, serving clients with tailored legal solutions.

Understanding Utility Vs. Design Patents

In the realm of patents, the distinction between utility and design is crucial. At AU LLC, our attorneys guide you through this maze. Utility patents protect the functionality of an invention, while design patents focus on its aesthetic elements. As we navigate the intricacies, trust us to ensure your utility patents align with your innovation’s purpose.

The Timelines Of Prosecution

Time is of the essence in patent prosecution. The process varies, but our experienced attorneys streamline it for you. From filing to grant, we expedite the journey. Rest assured, our patent attorneys at AU LLC stand by your side, offering transparency and efficiency throughout the prosecution timeline.

Post-Granting Considerations

Securing a utility patent is just the beginning. What follows post-granting? Our seasoned attorneys extend their experience to guide you through the post-granting phase. From enforcement strategies to ongoing protection measures, we ensure your innovation remains safeguarded long after the patent is granted.

Explore Utility Patent Protection

As you embark on utility patent prosecution, trust our lawyers at AU LLC to be your unwavering ally. Our attorneys, with over 20 years of experience, understand the intricacies of the process. From Chicago to nationwide, we invite you to contact us at 312-900-9426 or complete our online form. Let’s transform your ideas into protected assets together.