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Strategic Patent Insights

Because the patent prosecution process, especially patent litigation, can be expensive and protracted, obtaining a patent opinion before moving forward is often very beneficial.

Our attorneys are experienced at issuing patent opinions. They can carefully evaluate your invention, existing prior art, and any issued patent(s) before you commit large sums of money to filing an application, marketing your invention, and deciding to enforce your patent rights.

Another benefit to seeking a patent opinion from AU LLC is that it can help you defeat later claims of willfulness should infringement allegations arise.

So, What Is A Patent Opinion And Why Should I Get One?

A patent opinion can help you make the right business decision, and it can provide coverage should you face litigation later.

By securing us to provide a patent opinion, you will be gaining the formal advice of experienced registered attorneys who are knowledgeable on the applicability of patent law to your particular circumstances and facts.

  • Do you have a new invention and want to know if a patent can protect it before it is marketed and put into use?
  • Are you concerned that your new invention may infringe on another patent?
  • Do you wonder what you should do if you are threatened with a patent suit?
  • Do you have questions concerning the value of intellectual property – for example, in the case of a merger or acquisition?

All of the previous questions could be answered through a patent opinion from our attorneys at AU LLC.

In fact, our opinion could provide you with the information and expert advice you need to determine if you have intellectual property rights for a new invention before you make a substantial investment in it.

Our opinion could give you the information you need to move forward, confident that you do not face any legal risks.

And should any legal issues arise later, getting an opinion from us could shield you from increased damages.

How The Patent Opinion Process Works

We will have a detailed discussion with you to ensure we fully understand your needs, concerns, product and business.

Once we have the knowledge to proceed, we will begin conducting extensive research to determine if your invention is patentable and whether it is likely to pose any risk of infringement. We can also tell you if you need to design around an existing patent.

In addition, we will leverage our legal experience and skills to determine if there are any legal issues that you may face with your invention. Having this information beforehand can help you make business decisions for the future.

Learn About Our Patent Options

We will work hard to ensure you are provided a patent opinion that clarifies your paths forward concerning acquiring and managing patent rights. Call 312-900-9426 or complete our online form to make an appointment.